Trying a cannabis oil pen

For around a week now, I now know that there is such a thing as a marijuana oil pen. I had never heard of one before that though. I only thought that there were marijuana rolled joints that you could smoke & then there are bongs, hookahs and pipes that you can smoke. So the whole concept of a cannabis oil pen was new to me. However, I have truly been dealing with a hell of a lot of stress lately & I needed something to help me wind down for the day. I hate the thought of taking any prescription pills & so when I looked into the good points of medical marijuana I thought that they sounded neat. Of course, marijuana does tend to make you feel like you have to eat more than usual, so I’m a little bit concerned about gaining weight while using my pen. Other than that, there are no side effects at all that I have noticed, & my stress & anxiety is doing a hell of a lot better. I actually can’t believe how well the marijuana oil pen is doing as far as helping me manage those anxiety issues. I truly wish that one of my doctors had suggested medical marijuana to me years back. I know that they don’t get paid for doing that though. Pharmaceutical companies pay a ton, or at least that’s what I’ve heard from other people in the business. Anyway, marijuana is the way to go in my situation.


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So what’s new?

I think that it would be a fun job to work in the marijuana business.

There aren’t a whole lot of different kinds of strains of cannabis coming out these days. Occasionally you will hear people say that there are so many different kinds of cannabis & marijuana products on the market. It must have almost flooded the shelves. But I look at the cannabis dispensary websites for stores that are keeping up to date with new products. I just want to see what’s going on in the marijuana business. It’s interesting to see all of the different new cannabis strains that come out on the market every now & then. I know that most people really don’t make it a habit of looking at their local cannabis dispensary websites and reading news about cannabis. I regularly like going online & clicking on the what’s new tab or seeing links to cannabis sites. I want to see what might have just come out on in the marijuana industry. I especially love to see the name of the different cannabis strains & marijuana products that they come up with. I love names like Blue Dream, Purple Haze, & Orange kush. I think that it would be a fun job to work in the marijuana business. Coming up with names for the different products would be fun. Of course, I’m not in the weed industry. But I still think it would be fun to come up with a name that fits the type of weed. I know I’ll just keep hunting around online & checking out all of the things that are new at our local cannabis dispensaries.

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The marijuana business had so many things to try

The local mariuana business here in town has some truly neat items for sale inside.

When I first went in the store to search around, I noticed a whole shelf of items called OG Kush, Blue Dream, & Girl Scout cookies.

Of course, they weren’t your normal type of Girl Scout cookies that you would buy from little kids outside of the grocery store! I wasn’t really expecting that sort of thing when I walked into the local marijuana dispensary. I know I had some kind of notions about what I was going to find on the shelves inside. I had thought about bongs & pipes & jars full of marijuana. I thought that maybe they would have some different styles of marijuana oil pens, since those are becoming pretty famous around here, but I never even dreamed that they would have so many unusual kinds of marijuana products on the shelves. Really, I truly didn’t even know that these kinds of products existed. It was interesting to head in & peak around to see all of the different styles of recreational marijuana that they had on sale to pick up. I took a shopping cart & basically filled the whole thing up before I had gone down a few aisles of the store. The budtenders in the local marijuana corporation were entirely nice & helpful. I learned a whole lot while I was there! I’m already looking forward to our next stop at the marijuana business! I found so many different things that I wanted to try, and now I can’t wait to try more.



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I really liked going to the cannabis cafe

After thinking about it for a couple of weeks, I finally got my confidence together & visited the local cannabis cafe.

I had been to a cannabis dispensary 1 or two times before, but when I heard the term cannabis cafe for the first time, I was intrigued and wanted to try it.

I mean, a cannabis cafe truly brings cannabis into the public. Anyway, I kept thinking about trying out the cannabis cafe but something kept me from going. I haven’t ever been a gal who uses marijuana products, sativa, indica or a hybrid like that. I didn’t truly even know that much about it, to tell you the truth. When I first saw the ads for the cannabis cafe here in the city, I thought that it would be a place where only people who smoke marijuana all the time would hang out. But it turns out that cannabis cafes are becoming a big time business. Most cannabis cafes have places where you can order some good local food so you can get high & eat at the same time. I know it seems like a crazy idea, but cannabis cafes have truly been taking off around the country. I made a reservation at my local cannabis cafe & I ate some great marijuana edibles for dessert. I had a wonderful burger with a side of Buffalo bleu cheese dip. Each of my plates were garnished with actual cannabis flowers, which was a really cool touch, if you ask me. After trying out the cannabis cafe, I see that it’s something I want to do again and again.

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Sister using CBD oil for her seizures

But then she did some research on the kinds of CBD oil that exist & she realized that CBD oil is really the greatest thing on earth that’s available and has no THC content.

My sister Pam has had bad seizures ever since she was born. Occasionally Pam would have up to 5 seizures in a day & it truly affected her quality of life. She tried all different sorts of medications that her medical professional suggested, but nothing truly helped with the seizures. Then I took her to a different medical professional and this one was all about trying other sorts of remedies. One of the things that the doctor suggested using to try and help stop the seizures was CBD oil. Apparently, CBD oil helps to calm down the part of the nervous system that is responsible for leading to seizures. At first, Pam was hesitant to try it because of the stigma that has regularly surrounded marijuana in any form. But then she did some research on the kinds of CBD oil that exist & she realized that CBD oil is really the greatest thing on earth that’s available and has no THC content. She immediately went to the nearest cannabis dispensary to purchase the new type of CBD oil for her needs. The budtenders at the cannabis dispensary were super helpful in finding exactly the right cannabis edibles for her. Since Pam is quite young she doesn’t exactly want to use a vape pen or anything like that! Cannabis edibles are the best way for her to get the needed CBD oil into her body. After she had been using CBD oil for just a couple of afternoons, I already started to notice a difference in her seizures.

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Missing out on cannabis delivery

I can try different things all the time & options are that one day I’m going to actually find some sort of marijuaa edible that I like

I was truly missing the cannabis dispensary during the shutdown for the pandemic. I like going there to buy some marijuana edibles, space cakes, pot brownies, & other kinds of things I can chew with weed in them. I use recreational marijuana, but I also got my medical marijuana card recently so that I can get it whenever I need to. I especially love using my marijuana oil pen now that I have it. It was something that I hoped to get a while back since I wasn’t even sure if using marijuana oil would do the trick for me. But, ever since I got the cannabis oil pen, I don’t typically even bother with buying edibles anymore. really, the taste of the edibles is kind of horrible for me. I have tried pot brownies, space cake, Blue Dream, girl scout cookies, gummies, you name it. I just don’t like the taste of marijuana in my food. But all that is fine now, because there are so many new kinds of marijuana products coming out on the market so rapidly. I can try different things all the time & options are that one day I’m going to actually find some sort of marijuaa edible that I like. For now, however, I think I will just keep on using the marijuana oil pen that I got several weeks back. I couldn’t get any refills at all during the pandemic, though. The cannabis dispensary that I use that’s the closest one to our house doesn’t have a cannabis delivery service yet.

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Not a smoker

I have never been a smoker. Never once in my entire life have I ever inhaled a cigarette, a cigar, a vape pen, or a joint. But, I’ve recently realized that I need to start using medical marijuana due to my chronic anxiety & insomnia. Medical marijuana works way better than any prescription medication would. Plus, there are no horrible side effects that I might get from prescription medication. Best of all, in my opinion, medical marijuana is not in the least bit addictive. I hate the thoughts of being hooked on anything, including any sort of alcohol or drugs. That’s why I was super cheerful when my doctor suggested that I try medical marijuana for my anxiety & insomnia concerns instead of trying to write a script for some powerful, mind altering pill. I never smoked pot or used any sort of weed or cannabis when I was in private school or college, & so the thought of using medical marijuana legally was a whole new idea for me. I was truly glad when I found out that I wouldn’t have to smoke pot in order to get the desired effects from it for our health issues. These afternoons, marijuana comes in many types & I have been able to try marijuana oil pens, marijuana edibles, & many other types of marijuana items. It helps with being anxious and stressed out. I am not addicted to it at all. I’m glad that I found out how well it works & that I had the courage to try it out!

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Medical marijuana delivery

I usually use a marijuana oil pen but occasionally I like to try other things too! For instance, during the coronavirus pandemic, I ordered space cakes, pot brownies, Girl Scout Cookies, indica, & Blue Dream

Even though everything was shut down during the big time pandemic scare for coronavirus, I still needed to be able to get my medical marijuana for my chronic pain & for migraines. That’s why I was so happy to find out that there was a marijuana delivery service available for people like myself and others who need medical marijuana on a day to day basis throughout the week. Apparently, they have recently started a marijuana delivery service from our preferred dispensary right here in town. I was able to order all of my medical marijuana supplies from them over the phone & then I sent them photo proof of my medical marijuana card. Once I placed the order for what I wanted, a nice driver from the marijuana dispensary brought all of our items right to my front door for me. I usually use a marijuana oil pen but occasionally I like to try other things too! For instance, during the coronavirus pandemic, I ordered space cakes, pot brownies, Girl Scout Cookies, indica, & Blue Dream. Of course, I asked them about the THC content in each of these things before getting, but everything ended up being wonderful. I am entirely happy that they were able to put the marijuana delivery system into place for people like myself and others who need medical marijuana for actual pain relief. Even though the total shutdown has been a huge pain in the butt for me, one thing about it that I do appreciate is being able to get my supplies when I want them.


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He owns a marijuana dispensary now

After my father retired last year, I thought that she would rest around, watch television, & maybe do some golfing & fishing now & then.

However, that man always has something up his sleeve.

My dad decided that he wanted to open up a marijuana dispensary instead. My father did a ton of research on cannabis, cannabis oil, indica, marijuana products, & THC content. My father studied really hard to pass all of the tests to get his certifications to be a qualified, state of the art marijuana dispensary here in our town. My dad is the only one for miles around, and actually, he is the only one anywhere close by on this entire side of the state. My dad has been busier while running his new marijuana dispensary than he ever was back before he retired. When I asked him why he wanted to stay so busy at the marijuana store all the time, he told me that he felt fulfilled while introducing the shoppers to medical marijuana & recreational marijuana than he did at the previous job. I have to say, even though opening a marijuana dispensary would never have crossed my brain as something for him to do, I am glad he did it. Who knows, maybe once he retires from this job, I will take over the new family business & start running the marijuana dispensary for him! Of course, I will have to learn a whole lot about cannabis & THC & all of the marijuana products at the store.


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Was easy getting medical cannabis

I thought there were going to be a lot of hoops for me to jump through in order to get my medical cannabis card.

It turned out to be much simpler than I thought that it would be.

I have been pondering about getting my medical cannabis card for a while now, however I didn’t truly believe everything that it entailed. It turns out that I just had to get approval from our doctor & the rest was easy. My doctor did not need that much convincing, as it turned out. My doctor seemed to think that using medicinal cannabis for our health issues was a much better alternative for me than the prescription drugs that are available for my condition. I have to say that I am inclined to agree with her, since I’m against the use of most of the prescription drugs that are out there. With new marijuana products coming out on the market every single day & they are entirely great for treating my muscle spasms, nausea, & pain. I’ve been dealing with these same kinds of issues for years now. No other medication seems to help with my problems. It’s been pretty neat to see the effect of medical cannabis on my health issues. Medical marijuana can also be entirely great when it comes to stopping seizures in some people. However, I haven’t ever had any problems with seizures & I hope that I never do, but it’s good to know that if I ever do end up with those concerns.


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