Things aren’t hard once you start smoking

I have been way overdue for adjusting the way I cumulatively view and live my life.

For the longest time, my usual life has been something to endure and not something to celebrate.

Looking back from the place where I am now, that feels like a lot of wasted time. It’s distraught to have that sort of humbug perspective when it comes to the sort of life I have to spend here. Thankfully, a holistic approach to life which actually includes legal marijuana turned that drudge into a joyful existence. I totally understand all of the mechanics of how I ended up feeling like life was simply something to regularly deal with and manage. Once I left school and started a job, things went rapidly off the rails for me. Instead of seeing the magic in my life, I was now seeing only adult responsibility. Where I once spent a few hours enjoying recreational cannabis, it was very quickly replaced with just more jobs and worry. Before long this had become my adopted perspective each day where life was distraught. That all changed when I had a life adjusting and debilitating health condition. I found myself fighting just to have any semblance of a life due to this unwanted immune condition. Something like that will instantly tune you in to what truly matters in life. However, the reusey was long and arduous until I found a super holistic approach that included legal weed. With the addition of brand new legal weed, I was given a perspective that I hadn’t experienced since the years of youth. It was the feeling of hope, celebration and peace. Those are many important elements in life that I hope to never lose sight of again.

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