My boyfriend and I discovered cannabis products online

While friends went from one relationship to the next, I was in no hurry to date.

My semesters were spent at the library studying for the tough STEM classes that made up my entire day.

There were exams every month, which were a big hurdle for anyone who wasn’t hitting the books every evening after classes were finished. At the same time, I regret that I didn’t pursue any form of a social life while I was still in university. I don’t have many friends anymore as a result, and I’m almost hitting 30 having never been in a real romantic relationship before. Sure, I might have a good job right now as a research assistant at a great university, but is it worth the loneliness? This was my thinking a year ago before I met my lovely boyfriend. I started to wonder if I was destined to be alone forever, but the two of us understand each other on a level that we have ever experienced before. He is like me in regard to having no real romantic relationships before meeting me, but I think that makes us even better for one another. Although we both like consuming legal marijuana from the legal weed stores, neither of us had any clue that we could get cannabis delivered to either of our apartments. Some of the dispensaries charge a small fee for home delivery, while others do not. We decided to make an order with the cannabis delivery store at our favorite legal marijuana store. We’re both expecting our deliveries tomorrow and I can’t wait.

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