Becoming a cannabis budtender is my goal

When I 1st acquired that a bunch of my old friends were doing nicely as budtenders, I thought it would be unbelievable to get in on the action.

They were telling myself and others that it really wasn’t so easy to land a budtender job, you actually have to get your Cannabis education first.

You must go through a budtenders training class which covers learning about all the products sold in the Cannabis dispensaries. You need to learn all about the medicinal benefits of all the products, & you even learn about the hype vs the reality of recreational pot use. You ultimately have to learn how to guide people to the right Cannabis products they are seeking. Some people struggle badly with anxiety & depression, there are unbelievable cannabis products that task well for that sort of stuff. There are people who also just want to party & have an unbelievable great time socializing & what not. There are awesome Sativa strains that are unbelievable because they can provide you energy instead of making you fatigued, but for those people who might have a hard time getting to sleep, you might want to go for a nice Indica strain or even go with just the CBD products. The CBD tends to make people get a nice night of sleep if they have trouble sleeping during the night. This is unbelievable for people who struggle with insomnia or even narcolepsy. CBD is also great for people who don’t care about getting high or smoking. CBD comes in both edibles & extracts, & you don’t ever experience any feeling of being high. The most unbelievable thing is you get a lot of the same benefits from the Cannabis plant as with CBD products.

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