I feel free now that I am able to use cannabis

There was actually a time when I was younger that I truly enjoyed using recreational marijuana whenever I had the chance.

It was a time that I was a bit more open to taking numerous risks on fun as well as being more open in general.

For some peculiar reason, that window totally closed as well as I’m realizing now that it actually didn’t have to. I suppose I was raised in a time when there was still this plan that a person had to grow up as well as make things work out. While I suppose maturing into a responsible adult is a pretty superb thing, I don’t suppose it’s necessary to throw out anything wonderful or frivolous. Once I started my actual work career, the cannabis use basically had to stop. There was no sativa or indica in my life any longer after that point in time. And looking back now, I can easily remember thinking that this was a crazy mistake. The reason for that feeling is pretty clear now after many years later. What I was dismissing by stepping away from cannabis was a real sense of freedom. That was as well as is just what recreational marijuana does for people similar to me. When I am able to use cannabis, it actually allows me a perspective that I don’t always really have. It’s a perspective of release from various expectations, forgone conclusions as well as intensely limiting thoughts. I tend to be vulnerable to these feelings as well as perspectives. I don’t truly know for sure if that is genetic or due to the environmental circumstances I was truly raised in. That’s why when the first cannabis dispensary finally opened pretty close to me, I went in immediately as well as spoke to one of the expert staff members in the building. They were able to assist me with finding the sativa hybrid strain that helps me release all these self imposed burdens as well as get a broader perspective. I honestly do find some form of freedom when it comes to cannabis.

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