Cannabis makes me feel free and at peace

There was definitely a time when I was substantially younger and I actually enjoyed using recreational marijuana a lot.

It was actually a time that I was a bit more open to taking various chances on fun activities & being more open. For some strange reason, that window eventually was shut & I’m realizing now that it actually didn’t have to be shut in the first place. I believe I was raised in a time when there was still this strong idea that a person had to grow up & get on with things in their life. While I believe maturing into a responsible adult is a fine thing, I don’t believe it’s entirely necessary to throw out anything fun. Once I started my professional career, I quit using cannabis. There was no sativa or indica in my life any longer after that period in time. And looking back now, I can recall thinking that this was a pretty sizable mistake. The reason for that feeling is totally clear now all these many years later. What I was pretty much dismissing by stepping away from cannabis products was a certain sense of freedom. That was & is just what recreational marijuana does for a person similar to me. When I am able to use marijuana, it allows me a unique perspective that I don’t always have. It’s a certain perspective of release from expectations, foregone conclusions & actually limiting thoughts. I tend to be prone to these crazy feelings & perspectives. I don’t actually if that is genetic or due to the environmental circumstances I happened to be raised in. That’s why when the first cannabis dispensary opened up fairly close to me, I went straight in & spoke to a single one of the staff members. They helped me discover the sativa hybrid strain that helps me easily release all these self imposed burdens & get a much broader perspective. I actually find a real form of freedom with cannabis.

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