I find life is easier with cannabis products

To say that I am high strung is not even getting to close with what I’m dealing with these days.

I feel a sense of tension pretty much all the time.

The way I was raised has a lot to do with it I believe. Not only was it an atmosphere of fear but there was a component of compulsory achievement on top of that. It was as though from the time I started elementary school, I had to be at my very best. And if I wasn’t, there were some devastating consequences in store for me. So no wonder that I am a knot of stress on a regular basis. This is easing a bit now that I have been introduced to cannabis as well as cannabis products. My therapist actually recommended that I go to a highly recommended cannabis dispensary. There I would discover a staff that was ready to help me easily fine tune just the right sativa or indica strain that I needed. And honestly, it was that straightforward. I was at the cannabis dispensary for approximately 45 minutes as the woman assisting me worked to get me a couple of things to try. And that was pretty much it. I went back to my household as well as tried the first dose. The thing that I noted most was the feeling of just being present. My mind wasn’t racing a great deal as well as I wasn’t in fear of what the following moments might bring. It was a feeling that I had once glimpsed but was never fully engulfed by. That very night, I slept better than I had in my whole life. When I started winding up in my head the upcoming day, I tried a bit more as well as was able to stop that horrible cycle.

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