Medical cannabis makes all the difference

I work for myself.

Nearly all of my tasks can be handled from home. My tasks simply require internet access. When I come down with a migraine, I am unable to complete my work. I can’t stand to look at a screen much less work. That leads to stress and more problems. With the help of medical cannabis, I am able to return to work much quicker. The doctor prescribed some meds that were intended to reduce the frequency of the migraines. I didn’t notice much improvement. I don’t believe these drugs helped me get over them any quicker. Being health conscious, I decided to look for a more natural approach to migraine treatment. I read up on some cannabis information and felt confident in what I read. That inspired me to visit a cannabis dispensary and check out the available options. I am fortunate that recreational and medicinal cannabis are legal in my state. Once there, I was able to consult with a budtender and learn about the strains and delivery methods. They explained the medical marijuana benefits as they pertain to migraines. There was an overwhelming number of cannabis products available to me. I started with loose flower and bought some pre-rolls. They are easy and labeled for easy dosing. I’ve tried vaping with mixed results. I’ve looked into the various types of concentrates such as shatter, budder, wax and resin. I am very interested in dabbing. I have gotten into different edibles such as mints, chocolates, gummies and cookies. I am learning how to manage the different dosing and onset of effects.