Chronic pain relief through cannabis and yoga

It took me a while to find a more natural and holistic approach to treating chronic pain.

  • I finally did some research into alternative medicine.

For years, I relied on the anti-inflammatory pharmaceuticals the doctors prescribed. Yet, I had to lean more heavily on the pain medication as time went on. I was unhappy with the long term side effects. I’m now dealing with the pain without the prescription pills. I’ve switched to using cannabis products instead. A friend provided some factual cannabis information. I read up on it further, it made total sense to me that a natural product would be safer. I’m also including other aspects of a holistic approach to healing and wellness. Along with the cannabis flower, edibles and tinctures, I have also switched to a diet that includes more fruit, vegetables and natural proteins. I have added meditation and quality rest. The cannabis products have significantly helped with the pain. Medical cannabis has also proven beneficial for my sleep patterns. Once I take a few drops of a cannabis tincture in the evening, the pain lessens and I can go through some light yoga poses and work on my flexibility. When I’m done with yoga, I get ready for bed. Medical marijuana helps me fall and stay asleep. It’s much, much better than anything else I’ve tried. I’ve been trying this new treatment and lifestyle for 8 months now and there has been a significant improvement in my quality of life. The medical marijuana benefits are remarkable. The progress is more than I could have hoped for.