Embracing a better quality of life

I have dealt with poor body image since I was a preteen.

It didn’t help that I was the tallest girl in the fifth grade.

I was gangly and uncoordinated. I got picked on quite a bit and became extremely self-conscious and unhappy. This led to eating issues and a very unhealthy spiral into bad choices and depression. My lifestyle got to the point where I was hospitalized and eventually started seeing a therapist. She suggested I try treatment with medical cannabis. I am living proof of the results. Smoking cannabis has helped put me at ease. I can be more relaxed and enjoy positive thoughts. After years of struggles, I am finally finding an acceptance of myself. Through the budtenders at the dispensary, I’ve found an answer to what sorts of products would suit me best. They are great listeners. They remember my preferences, understand my struggles and are always willing to guide me toward the right strain or delivery method. Because of the assistance of the budtenders, I’ve tried a variety of cannabis products. I’ve found that edibles are a wonderfully discreet and beneficial option for me. It took a while to figure out the right dosage but I’m now able to consume just the right amount to take the edge off my self-destructive thoughts. I’ve also gotten into dabbing. The dispensary includes a dab bar where I can interact socially with a great community of people. Weed users are not what they’ve been labeled in the press and movies. These are successful and compassionate people who are typically suffering from some type of ailment and have chosen a natural remedy. They have been wonderfully supportive of my struggles and helped me to embrace better quality of life.

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