Cannabis pre-rolls work to alleviate arthritis symptoms

Over the course of several months, I noticed worsening inflammation in different joints and muscles.

It was as though I was slowly losing my strength, flexibility and range of motion. I struggled to complete everyday tasks such as doing the dishes and vacuuming. I could no longer sleep or relax comfortably. I went to the doctor and learned that I have a form of arthritis. I immediately started researching potential treatments. I’m not somebody who is willing to take a bunch of pharmaceuticals and live with the consequences. I know that synthetic medicines are harmful. They can lead to a long list of side-effects. Very often, the doctors aren’t even aware of the possible problems and damage. So I looked into natural remedies. Cannabis sounded like my best hope. I am fortunate to live in a state where both medicinal and recreational marijuana are legal. I didn’t even need to get a medical marijuana card in order to access the cannabis dispensary. I simply went online to find a dispensary nearby with good reviews. I drove straight there and found a budtender who was happy to provide recommendations. I explained that I was experiencing crippling pain in my joints. My hands were especially bad. The cannabis flower products have been nothing short of a miracle. I use pre-rolls because of the convenience. The joints are already rolled and offer consistency and the ability for precision dosing. I know exactly how much THC and CBD I’m getting. I’ve found the manufacturers and terpenes I prefer. I can buy packs of pre-rolls and need nothing but a lighter to get started. I find smoking cannabis flower relaxing and enjoyable. The relief of my symptoms is just about immediate. Because of cannabis, I’m able to lead a normal life again.


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