Using cannabis for glaucoma eye pressure

I suffer from chronic pressure behind my eyes.

It can be extremely painful.

It is a symptom associated with glaucoma. My condition was first discovered when I was in my late teens. However, I’m actually borderline. I need to keep the glaucoma in check. Medical cannabis is my preferred treatment method. The doctors prescribed meds that somewhat helped. However, there are side effects that are damaging and long-term. I was not looking to solve one problem only to face new health issues caused by the medication. So, decided to look into alternative treatment. I wanted something natural for treating my eye pressure issues. I started researching and discovered medical cannabis right away. Unfortunately, I couldn’t just visit a dispensary and purchase the cannabis products that I wanted. My local state has legalized medical marijuana but I needed a card. I went through all of the regulations and paperwork to obtain a medical marijuana card. It took a while but wasn’t that hard to do. I was then legal to visit the cannabis dispensary. I spoke with the budtenders there about my condition and they were very familiar. More and more people are having success in treating glaucoma with cannabis. I started with loose flower products because I was comfortable with them. However, I’ve now gotten into dabbing. Using a rig to dab concentrates is a bit more complicated and dangerous, so I only do this at a designated dab bar. However, the concentrates offer exceptional potency and quick onset. It’s especially beneficial and satisfying.
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