Cannabis pre-rolls, vapes and tinctures for treating migraines

I work from home.

I can complete my entire task list through my laptop.

I really love the ability to set my own hours, work in comfortable clothes and avoid driving to the office. However, I work by the project and need to be as productive as possible. Meeting my deadlines is crucial. When I come down with a migraine, I can’t work at all. I am unable to focus on a screen or concentrate. I have tried prescription meds to combat migraines. These pharmaceuticals were supposed to lessen the frequency and severity of my headaches. I didn’t notice much of an improvement. I did realize that I felt foggy and out of touch when I took them. I simply wanted to nap. That’s not helpful when I need to get to work. I also had concerns about dependency and long-term consequences on my health. I began to look into alternative medicines. I tried special teas and even a spray for my pillow. Nothing helped until I tried cannabis. As soon as I feel a migraine coming on, I medicate. If I act quickly, I can typically head off the migraine before it fully develops. I avoid the crippling pain that interrupts my day. There’s no fuzzy feeling or side-effects. Smoking pre-rolls provides a very quick onset of effects. I’m able to feel relief pretty much immediately. I’ve also had good luck with vaping concentrates. The vape pens are more discreet when I’m not at home. One of the easiest ways to treat the onset of migraine symptoms is with cannabis tinctures. I simply place a couple drops under my tongue. The sublingual delivery method is extremely quick and effective. I can easily carry the bottle in my pocket when I go somewhere, and the application is so quick and easy that no one even notices what I’m doing.