Cannabis for chronic pain relief

About a year ago, I turned to a more natural and holistic approach to alleviating symptoms of chronic pain.

I had been relying on the anti-inflammatory meds prescribed by my doctors.

I wasn’t happy with how they made me feel and worried about long-term complications. I noticed myself leaning more and more on the pain pills. I was taking larger doses more often. Seeing a harmful pattern developing, I looked for an alternative and found cannabis. I’m treating the pain now without prescription meds. I’m using cannabis products with great success. Cannabis is a natural plant with no extended side-effects. I started by smoking flower and pre-rolls and appreciated the immediate onset of effects. The products are clearly labeled with THC and CBD levels. I’ve been able to determine my ideal potency levels while experimenting with different strains of indicas, hybrids and sativas. I’ve seen the benefits of CBD and the entourage effect. Along with the cannabis flower products, I have started to get into concentrates. Concentrates focus on the most desirable parts of the plants and achieve incredible potency. My local cannabis dispensary includes a dab bar. I am able to hang out there for a little while and feel so much better. Plus, cannabis tinctures are great when it comes to sleeping. Once I decide it’s time for bed in the evening, I put a few drops of oil under my tongue. The pain lessens almost immediately and I’ve found that I can usually sleep through the night. I wake up so much more rested and feeling better than ever.