A holistic approach helps me get back to what works

For the past decade or more, there just seems to be something missing.

  • I work a lot and I am thankful to have a job that pays pretty well.

However, I don’t really like my job and never really have. It’s like I go to the job because I have to make the money. Not everything about the job is terrible but it’s definitely not my passion. That got me to thinking back to when I had a passion. That was a time when I was in graduate school. And I was also using recreational cannabis fairly regularly. It was a time when I was also studying a passion of mine with an aim to make it my life’s work. Then I was offered a moneyed position and out went my passion along with the recreational weed. What a shame I allowed that to happen. For many years now, I have felt trapped in my situation. I need the job to support the life and all that. I started seeing a therapist who treats folks like me with a much more holistic approach. Part of the included a trip to the marijuana dispensary. There I was able to get access to legal cannabis in order to so some perspective changing. A great deal of the holistic process is getting truthful about what I want in my life. And the addition of legal cannabis from the cannabis dispensary gives me an ability to really sit with myself. Using legal weed has helped me change my perspective and become more authentic. I’m even considering looking for another job that reflects my graduate training. Life is exciting and real again thanks to legal weed.

legal weed