Mouth spray CBD to mellow me out before public speaking

My biggest fear is public speaking.

  • I just get really anxious when I have to stand up in front of my peers.

I start to sweat, my face gets red and I say um all the time. For years, I worked in an office setting behind a computer. I never had to get up and speak. I quickly rose to the top of my company and got a promotion. The promotion has me going to other businesses to sell our products. That means I make presentations, have a pitch and I sell to a large group of people. It is like my worst nightmare come alive. I started freaking out and worrying that I could not take the promotion. I looked online and found a solution. To reduce anxiety, a lot of people rely on CBD infused products. This is a part of a marijuana plant. I did not want to light up and smell like dope right before a big meeting! I was desperate and went to a cannabis dispensary anyway. The budtender was amazing and totally understood my anxiety and my worries about smoking pot. The guy actually had a CBD infused mouth spray. He said that I could spray a few times in the bathroom right before my meeting. It would mellow me out and not have any smell. No one would know I was dosing and I could handle the meeting like a professional. That is exactly what has been happening for months. I just love my mouth spray and I am doing so well in my career because of it!


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