The best tour of my life

It is almost like a math or even an artform

My bestie and I really enjoy going on trips to experience new things. I am the main organizer when it comes to these. I chance the location, hotels, diners plus what we do, however occasionally I get sick of it, consistently being the planner. On this most recent trip I told our bestie he had to come up with a single activity for us. We recently went to a state where recreational plus medical marijuana are legal. On the itinerary was of course taking a tour of a local cannabis dispensary, and my bestie but, planned for us to visit a commercial growing site, and the grow place had a marijuana farming area where the buds were first growing out. Then there were temperature control facilities with the marijuana hung up to dry out. We even had the chance to see an area where the weed was in jars for the curing process. Touring the commercial grow op was fascinating, but seeing the vegetative, flowering plus curing stages of weed was unquestionably interesting. Because it was a commercial building, everything was giant plus state of the art. The tour plus studying about marijuana cultivation was a very good chance by my bestie. I would say that it became the highlight of the trip. I had no clue just how much went into growing cannabis. It is almost like a math or even an artform. I would never want to grow our own product, although I could see where people would find this fascinating. If anyone is able to, they should find a marijuana growing facility plus tour it. I l acquired so much that afternoon.



Growing facility design