The importance of proper ventilation

Ventilation is just one of those things that people never assume about, but it is important, but in a home, the air duct connected to the HVAC device vents the air quality… The ventilation is in charge of providing heating and cooling to each room in the home.

On top of that it can get rid of some of the dust and odors in the air quality! Ventilation in say a candle making company is key, however can you imagine all the fumes if there was no air movement? Grow room ventilation is entirely important equally.

I have a job at a commercial cannabis growing facility. The ventilation for our commercial grow room is key, and how warm the plants get is really important, then due to this, special lights are in my posession. Tons of people use HID, HPS or T5 lights! What all of those lights have in common is that they allow the plants to get hot. The lights have to be not very close to the product, on the ceiling, and still heat is a problem! High quality ventilation is key for this then. In order to not burn the plants, the cooling method needs to function and vent out the hot air. The cannabis grow room I task in has LED lights which has their own cooling function. The HVAC doesn’t actually need to do a single thing. The lights are able to be just inches from the plants without burning them. Still, when leaving lights on almost 12-18 hours a day, there is heat. The ventilation inside always seems to be functioning at the highest capability. Every one of us can’t afford to lose our product to heat.


Cannabis grow cabinet