Moving from marijuana growing to CBD sales

Traditionally speaking, my parents were marijuana people.

This may sound crazy to you, but hear me out.

My pop was one of the greatest marijuana growers in the space for years and years, but when the attention got too much he retired early, quitting while he was still ahead, but he still grew privately! He spent years in the mad scientist type greenapartment finally working on newer blends and experimental strains and clones, just for his own personal stash, and fast forward to now, when I am a fully grown guy with some supplier connections in the world of marijuana dispensaries. They want the highest end products, which my Mom has, but they also want CBD oil and distillate more than anything, which my pop isn’t big on. He is fond of saying that he does not grow hemp, he grows the finest of cannabis, so turning into CBD oil and stripping out all the THC would be a sin against the cannabis plant itself. What I told him was that there were certain people out there who actually needed the finest quality CBD oil on earth. I’m talking sick people, people who needed the best that CBD has to offer. Eventually he agreed to use a certain small percentage of his crops for CBD purposes, as long as the products were not sold, only donated to legitimately sick people who couldn’t afford medicine. He makes a actually decent profit off the marjiana I buy from him, so he can certainly afford to donate this CBD oil, but still I love his altruism. He may not use CBD oil, but he refuses to profit off of the sick.

CBD isolates