Combining Yoga and CBD was a winning combination

It was last year that I finally got certified as a yoga lecturer, which is a lot more complicated than you would assume.

It takes a lot of different classes, and a lot of practice and studying the forms, just to qualify to start training.

The yoga certification process itself takes about 3 weeks, after you are skilled enough to apply, so I had been putting in a lot of extra work. After that I got myself a full time gig at the yoga pod, and immediately started to put a new spin on old traditions. Although I had previously messed around with marijuana in middle school, I never smoke the stuff, despite the fact that I am a very sizable proponent of CBD oil. I don’t enjoy smoking anything, it is so poor for your body many different ways, so I use edible CBD chewables instead, and try to combine its use with my yoga routines, and just so there is no argument of interest, I constantly tell my classes up front that I am doing my yoga on CBD oil every time I do yoga. That’s all, I don’t try and convince them to try CBD or to purchase any from me, I just explain that I abide by its use. Most times after the class ends I will get approached by a few uncommon people who want to hear more about CBD and the benefits it offers for the human mind and body. I would enjoy to think that the more of us in yoga class who are taking CBD, but the more the two of us can align our energies together for the benefit of us all.

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