The cannabis cafe had everything you can imagine

Everytime that I go on trips, I really love to try current things, however i am all about new and unique experiences and going out of our comfort zone, and on the most recent trip, I thought it would be fun to try out a cannabis cafe.

I have been in cannabis dispensaries before, but they are always way cleaner and more professional than I expect.

I am not a big time cannabis smoker by nature though! Even though the dispensaries offer a vape area, I don’t love the idea of smoking inside of a store, but at a cannabis cafe, you can pick out some yummy food and marijuana with your meal; You then eat and smoke outside or wherever is comfortable for you. It is really sophisticated and neat. The cafe I went to boasted about having a wide vegan friendly menu. I ended up getting a falafel wrap, homemade chips and even vegan ice cream for dessert. The syrup in the ice cream really had CBD in it, CBD is the section in the marijuana plant that can mellow you out and lower your stress levels. THC is the portion that gets you high. I did not want to walk around high for the entire trip, then so I just had a CBD infused ice cream sorbet and was on our way. I really enjoyed all the food and the atmosphere. It felt sort of as if I was in a black and white movie with all the smoking going around. It was certainly a current and exciting experience for me since our state has not allowed marijuana for recreational purposes just yet. You can’t even get real CBD products in our state. If someone claims they have CBD oil, it tends to be hemp oil.

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