Mouth spray with CBD for acne relief

For years I have suffered from horrible acne.

  • When I was in high school and even college, I was alright with it.

Yes, it stunk and lowered my confidence, but everyone was in the same boat as me. Now I am in a professional setting and an adult. Having acne when you are almost thirty is embarrassing and horrible. I tried all sorts of products like proactive, clean and clear and even went to a dermatologist. I then found online that some people use CBD in order to help their acne. First, CBD in the marijuana plant actually reduces inflammation. So even if the acne did not go away, it would be less red. I would take any improvement at this point. Next, the oil a face produces and creates acne is called sebum. Apparently CBD has been shown to reduce the production of this oil. A less oily face means no more bumps forming. The moment I read articles of people who have seen improvement from CBD infused products, I went right to the local cannabis dispensary. They have all sorts of CBD products like cookies, gummies and butters. I watch what I eat due to my acne problems. I did not want to eat anything fattening, sugary or greasy. The budtender got me a mouth spray that has CBD in it. I just spray a few times a day and I should see less acne in my future. I am hopeful that it at least is less red. I will take any sort of improvement at this point.
Blue dream