I am simply not a fan

I used to be a school gymnast and I still tumble now into adulthood, and I do suffer from some pain though due to my activity, and my left knee always aches, the moment that I tumble I have to put a brace on it, day to day life is a little difficult.

I am not able to squat or kneel for an extended phase of timeā€¦ Sitting on an airplane is consistently absolutely rough on me too. I learn online that CBD oil can reduce inflammation and pain. I instantly went to a cannabis dispensary and picked up the oil they had available. I should have learn a little bit more about it, but cBD oil is absolutely repulsing. The budtender said to take a few drops before bed and I would be good. If I did not enjoy the taste very much, I could pour it in tea. It is so racid that my whole mouth tastes terrible at evening. I tried masking it in root beer and the drink was polluted, food also is tainted by the oil. It is so gross to me that I can hardly kneel to take it. I have tried to stomach it for several weeks and I have not seen any improvement with my knee. I am wondering if I need a better type of product. I think I might try CBD infused products next love edibles. There are CBD gummies, butters and even cookies. If masked in a sweet treat, maybe the CBD is not so gross. I think I will need to tell the budtender I need something stronger also. The oil is gross and just not cutting it for me.

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