I smoked marijuana outside

My Mom and dad went away for the weekend and they asked me to watch their dogs for three days.

I agreed to stay at the house instead of my apartment, my Mom and dad gave me extra money for gas so I could drive to work which was 10 miles further from my mom and dad’s house.

I did not mind looking after the dogs, two of them were my pets when I was a kid and the other pet is a new addition to the family. My Mom and dad never leave for the weekend either, so I wanted them to have a stress-free and fun weekend, however before I went to the house, I decided to stop at a recreational and medical cannabis shop, and since I was going to be at my parents house for the weekend, I decided to stop at the dispensary for a couple of pre-rolled marijuana cigarettes. My mom and dad live in the country and it’s easier to smoke marijuana at their house. I live in an apartment and there are no spaces for people to smoke marijuana outside. There are plenty of areas for people to smoke cigarettes, however smoking marijuana outside is an offense that can get you evicted from the apartment. Being able to smoke a marijuana cigarette without worry was unquestionably nice, and I smoked morning, noon, and night, but when my Mom and dad came home, they told me that the back porch smelled like a marijuana dispensary. Thankfully, they did not mind since I wasn’t smoking pot in the house.

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