Thinking of moving to a state where cannabis is legal

There was a time when I had a genuinely scary dream.

I was growing some cannabis plants in my beach house and then a raid of police officers came bursting into my house.

They apparently got a tip from someone that I was growing in my house. They tore apart my home looking for cannabis and killed all of my elegant plants. Luckily, this was just a dream, but it had me thinking about it afterwards. I always believed in the benefits of cannabis and unfortunately, it is still not legal in my state to raise your own cannabis plants. The good news is that if you break these cannabis laws, it is decriminalized so it is basically just a slap on the wrist. But, I have been thinking about moving to another state where they have better laws. I don’t understand why the laws about cannabis are so different everywhere. It is odd driving in one state and going into a cannabis dispensary. You can buy any product you want and smoke any strain you want. You can be high in public, no big deal. In a state a few hours away, it is illegal. My state doesn’t even allow CBD oil to be shipped to the residents. It is banned in our area. It is just ridiculous that some states don’t get it together. Think about the added income and more jobs that cannabis can offer. Cannabis dispensaries generate a lot of income and you need to hire budtenders. You would think the states would want to bring in some more money.


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