How cannabis has grown in my town

For a long time cannabis was not legal in any state.

Then medical marijuana was permitted with the right documentation.

Then certain states have allowed recreational cannabis dispensaries to pop up. I am in a state where cannabis is legal for medical and recreational uses. People are now growing their own cannabis. There are cannabis cafes and even vans that drive cannabis products door to door for the cannabis dispensaries. It is like delivery on a pizza. You order off the menu, call it in and get it to your door. It seems like in my town there are cannabis dispensaries everywhere I go. It is just like fast food restaurants everywhere. It was funny too because fast food used to be a big thing in towns. There were tons of burger joints until people said how bad it is for you. Cannabis is the reverse. It was bad, now it is good. You can’t go five feet without seeing a dispensary now. I like making a trip and going to a better cannabis dispensary with a vape lounge and where they let you try out new products. Even I now have a garden where I grow my own products. Someday I would like to grow and sell my products to the local cannabis dispensaries. I think I could make some pretty good cash in the process. It is my dream to do this someday. But, I’m not sure if that would ever happen realistically speaking. I know that I am on the right path by making some really good strains. But, I don’t think it is easy selling your product to these dispensaries.



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