Marijuana for medical purposes

I like that cannabis can be used for some medicinal purposes. My father had cancer not that long ago and cannabis really helped him out. The chemo and radiation were made much better by the right strain of marijuana. The medical marijuana dispensary was amazing. It was set up just like a doctor’s office. The budtender was dressed nicely, well educated and had a desk. He talked over all the products and got my father sorted out. The nausea, pain and reduced appetite with chemo was made way better with cannabis. Now that my dad is all good and dandy, my whole family is big timec cannabis supporters. Thankfully nobody has a medical marijuana prescription anymore. We all smoke for recreational purposes. I love to be able to just smoke some cannabis whenever I want. When I am able to enjoy my cannabis, I always feel relaxed plus at ease. I also have used it for medicinal purposes like having sore muscles plus chronic pain. Periodically I will have terrible migraines plus a little bit of cannabis oil would knock the migraine right out. It’s amazing how well CBD works for some of those complications. The only issue I have with the CBD oil is that it tastes so bad. It is hard hiding it in my drink and not noticing the flavor. I know some people get CBD infused products like edibles from the cannabis dispensaries. I don’t want that added sugar or fat though. The oil is just a few drops and only on a bad headache day.

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