Sad I can’t get him the cannabis he needs

I find it unusual that I can purchase, smoke and even grow marijuana in my state and others can’t. A guy I graduated college with recently moved to a different state. Recreational marijuana is not allowed in his state. There are no cannabis dispensaries, commercial growing ops or even just CBD stores available to the public. For years my buddy relied on CBD oil to help with his stress management. Now I illegally mule him the CBD oil when I visit him over holiday breaks. It is ridiculous because CBD oil has nothing in it that gets you high. All it does is mellow a person out and reduce inflammation. My poor friend can’t even buy it online anymore since his state doesn’t allow it to ship there. The closest substitute is hemp oil and that is no good. What if he had something serious like seizures or PTSD that he used cannabis for? That’s why it makes me mad that it’s really still illegal in many states to partake of cannabis, including where he lives. My buddy wants to have some local cannabis dispensaries that he could go to in order to pick up the cannabis products that he needs. My friend does have his sources though, however he doesn’t always get the best cannabis and there are times when he can’t get any at all. If there were cannabis dispensaries around, this would never be a problem that he would have to deal with. I have considered growing my own cannabis plants, and giving him all the product. However, it’s highly illegal to grow and ship over state lines, especially when it is not legal in that state.



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