Trying edibles for the first time

For a long time I had never tried an edible.

Everytime I went to the cannabis dispensary I would pick something to smoke.

It just seemed easier and it was what I always did. I would pick out a new strain, go into the vape lounge and enjoy. If I bought something new it would be an oil pen, vape pen or a bong. Finally, I thought I could at least try some things at the cannabis dispensary plus see what the whole fuss was about. I decided to go to a local cannabis dispensary and pick up some edibles because I never tried it before. I was cheerful that I was able to have that option in my state. I tried some cannabis infused cookies that I got from the cannabis dispensary and I went to the movies afterwards. It was an amazing experience for me. I had never watched a movie high before or tried an edible. I got to do both. Those cookies were so amazing, I decided to eat all of them. I didn’t feel anything at first but then about halfway through the film, it just hit me. Suddenly, all of the parts of the film were incredibly hilarious to me, even parts that I easily shouldn’t have been laughing at. Like when the people were at a funeral, I couldn’t help but chuckle plus I can’t even say for sure why. The cannabis cookies were strong plus I realized I probably should have only had a few. But I will totally be back for more edibles.


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