Didn’t want to get high so I tried CBD

I really was genuinely frightened when some friends said I should try some cannabis edibles.

  • I had only taken shrooms before and it was a genuinely horrible experience.

I was seeing things and sweating profusely when I tried some shroom edibles. Shrooms are not horrible or anything, it’s just that I had a bad high. I never tried marijuana and after hearing so many poor things about it, I was genuinely hesitant to try the edibles. I thought it would be another scary experience. I was worried about taking in any THC. With the psychoactive effects from the cannabis, I felt like it was going to be the same frightening ride all over again. When I finally gave in plus tried a cannabis brownie that my buddies got from the local cannabis dispensary, it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought. As a matter of fact, I didn’t feel anything for a long time. I even asked my buddies if I could have another cannabis brownie, because I did not feel anything. My friend then said that the brownies only had one CBD in them. THC is what gets you high and you don’t need to have that in cannabis. Since my buddy knew I was worried, he only got CBD infused products. Rather than be high out of my mind, I was mellow and feeling relaxed due to the brownie. I really enjoyed my first stint with marijuana and I can’t wait to visit a dispensary for more CBD infused edibles.
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