Can’t believe cannabis dispensaries aren’t everywhere

The thing is, cannabis smoke is way better than tobacco

When I first started trying cannabis, it was a life-changing experience. I used to suffer from severe depression and also anxiety. When I started smoking cannabis from the local cannabis dispensary, I finally felt happy for the first time in forever. I started reading everything I could about cannabis and figuring out what strain does what. These days, I am so devoted to cannabis and the many medicinal benefits, that I want to tell everybody about cannabis. There’s nothing I want more than to help the cannabis movement grow. It should be made legal everywhere. At the very least medical marijuana dispensaries are allowed for those who need it. In certain states it is hard to get the documentation though. That is just horrible. What about other depression sufferers such as myself? Just because they live up north doesn’t mean that they should not get the same medical treatment as me. Even for recreational use, it’s just incredible and everybody should be able to try it! It gives so much money into the community. There are also then more jobs available in town. Shouldn’t the state want that added income? These days, I take cannabis everyday in many forms. I prefer smoking it, eating it, plus even vaping it! Vaping is really better for you because smoke in general is not good for anybody. The thing is, cannabis smoke is way better than tobacco. You are not going to have any lasting negative effects from cannabis. Why is it not allowed everywhere?

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