The kids these days have it easy

The other day I was thinking about something! I was thinking how recreational cannabis smoking has become legal in the last decade in numerous places. If only recreational cannabis smoking was legal when I was a teenager! I used to always smoke marijuana with our friends all the time back then. We would have to avoid the cops and all kinds of stuff. It felt love we were some kind of criminals on the run! If this were legal back then to enjoy a simple marijuana joint or something like that, things would have been a lot different, however at the same time, some of the whole fun of recreational cannabis smoking in those afternoons was smoking the marijuana and trying to not get caught red handed, the two of us did get caught one time, but it wasn’t anything seriously which is all well and good. I lived in a city where recreational cannabis smoking was the least of the law’s bad side. So me and our pals ended up getting a slap on the wrists and our parents got an expensive fine! We all had to go out and get tasks to spend our savings on them back. This was absolutely what made me stop with recreational weed smoking. But ever since recreational cannabis smoking has now become legal in my part of the world, I do smoke marijuana as an adult; Not too often, just when I have celebrations with our old pals from back when! Recreational cannabis smoking is a good thing, however love anything else, only if it is done in balance.

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