Not bad for a beginner who has been diagnosed with cancer

Back when I was diagnosed with cancer, I was absolutely devastated.

  • It seemed that I wasn’t going to survive for all that much longer.

I actually talked with my doctor about what I could do, and he suggested that I try medical marijuana. I actually went through the process of getting my medical marijuana card, but when I saw the prices, I was absolutely disgusted. I didn’t know how I was going to afford the costly marijuana products. Then somebody from the local cannabis dispensary told me that I could always save a lot of money by growing my own marijuana. He told me that I could set up a grow tent in my home or I could even get a greenhouse in my backyard. He strongly urged that whatever I did, I use odor control. He definitely was right about that, those marijuana plants do have a mighty powerful odor that easily affects your neighbors. While I liked the sound of using a greenhouse to grow my marijuana, I didn’t want to catch attention from the neighbors, so I decided to hook up a grow tent in my home. I got all the things I needed with a marijuana growing kit. It was brilliant because it came with everything I needed to get started minus the marijuana seeds. That was easy though, I was able to get the seeds from the local cannabis dispensary. They even had clones for sale so I tried some of those as well. I still decided to purchase marijuana from the cannabis dispensary up until my first harvest was complete. I actually was surprised with the outcome. I really wasn’t bad for a beginner to growing marijauna, the buds were great quality.
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