I’m not a marijuana grower, but I have learned all about it from friends

You know, I have talked to many people who are into growing marijuana and I have learned a few things.

One of the things that stands out to me the most is the fact that people tell me that there is always something new to learn.

The science of growing marijuana is evidently very complicated. I suppose a lot of people might disagree with that statement, it is just growing plants afterall. The thing is, you have to know about the right temperature control settings, the right fertilizers, what each individual marijuana strain requires, and so many things. There are even all kinds of growing tricks like clipping the tops of cannabis plants so that they have two massive buds on the top. I believe this is known as topping. I have heard about lollipopping which is basically making sure to prune the cannabis plants correctly. You want to get rid of all the lower branches pretty much in order to make the plants shaped somewhat like a lollipop. This is because all the branches on the bottom are using energy from the plant, and you want all that energy to be directed at the top buds that are getting all the light. I would have never known anything about this if I didn’t have so many friends who enjoy talking to me about their growing operations. I know a few guys that make a killing because they invested in a turn-key facility. I even have a friend who is talking about investing in a remote grow room. That sounds crazy to me, because I don’t see how you could even take care of your plants without actually being there to nurture them.

Turn-key facilities