It was delightful learning how to grow cannabis from my friend

The other day when I went over to the cannabis dispensary, I easily freaked out when I saw that the cannabis dispensary was closed. The sign basically said they were closed temporarily due to the pandemic, but it also said they were working on a new delivery service… I got a hold of my friend as well as asked him if he managed to get any cannabis, as well as he said he had a good supply. He got around to telling me that it was because he began growing cannabis a little while back. He said he had gotten fantastic at it as well as his cannabis buds were definitely the highest quality he ever had. I went over to his location to enjoy some cannabis with him, as well as it entirely was just as good as the cannabis at the cannabis dispensary. I asked him if he could teach me how to grow my own cannabis just as good as he did, as well as he smiled and said of course he would. He showed me the different components I needed for putting together a grow room as well as he taught me all the basics of growing marijuana plants at home. It was funny because I honestly went over to his location to score some cannabis buds, however he ended up teaching me about growing my own cannabis at my residence. He said I could even take some of his clones if I desired as well as I wouldn’t have to worry about getting a bunch of seeds from the cannabis dispensary. He was growing Kali Mist as well as Girl Scout Cookies. We ended up smoking the Girl Scout Cookies as well as they were especially good. They have a thin mint chocolate taste as well as they provide you with the best high ever.

Growing marijuana