It seems cannabis is easy to grow just like tomatoes

I have been truly stressed out being in this quarantine situation at my household! I have been so stressed, I have been smoking cannabis way more! Cannabis helps a great deal to calm my nerves, but with everything that is going on, it’s impossible not to be concerned.

I realize that we are allowed to go to the stores to pick up essential things, and the people I was with and I can shop online, but what if everything gets placed on lockdown including delivery drivers? At least I am able to do my work remotely, which is nice.

I am still getting my income, however I am entirely scared of the time that I might not be able to get more cannabis. I finally noticed a special sale on cannabis growing kits at one of the local cannabis dispensary websites. I really didn’t even consider growing cannabis before, but abruptly there was this amazing deal on purchasing a cannabis growing kit and I realized that growing my own cannabis would solve some of my worries. If I were growing my own, I would never have to fret about running out or not being able to get it delivered to my household anymore. So I made the choice to order the cannabis growing kit which included everything I needed to get started apart from the actual cannabis seeds. I picked the seeds that I wished to have separately though and I checked out their tutorial of how to grow cannabis plants. It honestly doesn’t seem to be very strenuous. I have a garden that I work on seasonally and it doesn’t seem to be much different from growing regular tomatoes.

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