Everybody feels like it’s the end of the world, but I feel just fine

People are acting like it’s the end of the world right now, but honestly, I feel fine.

I have a good amount of food storage in case of emergency.

I have boxes and boxes of emergency food bars, I have cans of rice, wheat, instant potatoes, green beans, corn, you name it. I have emergency water storage and I have an emergency backup generator for my electricity needs and to run the HVAC if the power goes out. I also have my own cannabis grow room where I grow a couple of different high quality cannabis strains. I don’t know if it’s just because I’m prepared for this type of situation, or if it’s the fact that I have such great cannabis. I smoke the best cannabis every single day, and it just puts me in a happy mood on a regular basis. When I see how stressed people are, I feel like they should just smoke some cannabis. Of course, there are a lot of people who have lost their jobs, so I can see the stress in that situation. Also, I’m sure some people can’t even afford to buy cannabis since they are not working. I feel bad for those people. It’s a good thing that we have some great cannabis dispensaries in the community though. One of the cannabis dispensaries that I sometimes sell cannabis buds too has been giving out free samples to regular customers. When I got a free sample of some new cannabis bud delivered to my door, I was really pleased about that. They are doing no contact delivery right now, so even if I wasn’t growing my own cannabis in my grow room, I could still easily order different cannabis products from the cannabis dispensary.

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