I’m not as stressed as most people because I have cannabis and supplies

People are pretty much acting kind of like it’s the end of the world these days.

Honestly, I feel just fine regardless of the situation.

I have a wonderful amount of food storage in case of emergency situations. I have boxes and boxes of emergency food bars, I have cans of rice, instant potatoes, wheat, green beans, corn, you name it. I have emergency water storage and I have an emergency backup generator for my electricity requirements and to run the Heating and Air Conditioning equipment if the power goes out. I also have my own cannabis grow room where I grow some excellent cannabis strains. I don’t know really if it’s just because I’m prepared for this situation, or if it’s the fact that I have such superb cannabis. I smoke the most amazing cannabis every single day, and it just puts me in a happy mood on a respected basis… When I see people freaking out, I recognize they should smoke some cannabis. Of course, there are a lot of people who have lost their jobs altogether, so I can see the huge amount of stress in that situation. Also, I’m sure some people are not able to afford to buy cannabis since they are not working. I definitely feel bad for those people. It’s a wonderful thing that every one of us have some fantastic cannabis dispensaries in the community though. One of the cannabis dispensaries has been giving out free samples to respected customers. When I actually received a free sample of some current cannabis bud delivered to my door, I was truly pleased about that. They are doing no contact delivery at this time, so even if I wasn’t growing my own cannabis in my grow room, I could still undoubtedly order any cannabis products I want from the cannabis dispensary.


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