I tried to order cannabis online

The cannabis shop near me recently decided to start offering delivery services.

  • I thought I would go online to check out the delivery services and see what type of products they had available.

The first thing that I saw was a category called. The recreational and medical marijuana dispensary at several different types of edibles available. They had candies, chocolates, tinctures, and beverages. They also had cannabutter and olive oil that was infused with cannabis that you could use for cooking. I skipped past the edibles, because I was looking for cannabis concentrates. They were listed under the name extract instead of concentrate. I looked through the list of items that they had available. They had a pretty good selection of cannabis concentrates, including several live resin and resin products. I hit the button to add the items to the cart. Nothing happened when I hit the button. I tried to add the items again and I had the same result. I really wanted to order from the recreational and medical marijuana dispensary, so I tried to order a third time. When I was unsuccessful, I decided to contact the dispensary. I got a voicemail the first time, but I called again until I finally got someone on the phone that could help me out. The manager of the dispensary apologized for the problem with the website. She seemed very aware that the issue was happening. She offered to take down the items that I wanted for my order and have them ready for me when I arrived. I decided to order when I got there instead.
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