Jack had some of the good stuff

My best friend Jack gets panic attacks that can really cause a lot of problems.

Sometimes he has a fast heart rate and he can’t control his breathing.

He’s had panic attacks since he was a kid. When he turned 18, the doctor said that he could prescribe medical marijuana to jack. Jack doesn’t use medical marijuana frequently, but every once in a while he goes to the dispensary and the city and buys something to smoke. We went fishing last weekend and Jack had some of the good stuff from the dispensary. All of the stuff that my friends and I buy from the street dealer is ditch weed and not very good. The stuff from the dispensary has 30% THC and tastes like a bouquet of fruits and herbs. When we went fishing, Jack rolled a joint from the marijuana that he got from the dispensary. It was very flavorful and smooth. It was easy to smoke the entire joint without coughing at all. The marijuana buds were light green and they were covered with tiny trichomes. The strain was easily the nicest one that I have ever seen. It was an indica leaning hybrid called OG kush. The marijuana strain was so good that I had trouble getting back to the house after we got back from fishing. I didn’t realize that I was still high until I had to load everything into my car and drive from the marina to the house. Thank goodness it is only about a half mile and I don’t have to get on the main street.

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