The cannabis dispensary owner fired me.

In hindsight, I was pretty stupid not to offer full disclosure of my background.

I was applying for a position as a cannabis dispensary delivery driver. I didn’t think anyone was going to do a background check on. When they asked about felonies or misdemeanors, I never thought about my driving record. I guess I was eager to have a job I thought I may like. I was working for less than a week when the cannabis dispensary owner called me into the office. He asked why I hadn’t disclosed they had arrested me for DUI. I could feel the chills going up my spine, and I couldn’t think well. I was so nervous that sweat was flowing freely over my entire body. I apologized and said I hadn’t thought about it. They held me in jail overnight, but I was a teenager. My dad bailed me out, and I got a couple of months of civil service. I hadn’t touched alcohol or drugs since that time. He told me he had no choice but to let me go. Apparently, it was against the law to not give full disclosure about your arrest record. Since my arrest involved marijuana, I could not be a cannabis delivery driver. I was so upset that I nearly cried. My boss apologized for needing to let me go, but it was my fault, and I had no one to blame but myself. I went home and kicked my tub, which only hurt my toe, but I had to do something. I wasn’t flexible enough to kick my butt.

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