The cops found 20,000 pounds of illegal marijuana

It is absolutely legal to use recreational and medical marijuana products in the state.

To be honest, legal weed is one of the biggest reasons why I moved to the west coast.

There are dispensaries all over the region. My friends and I have been to a number of the shops to buy products like edibles, concentrates, and dried marijuana flower. There are a lot of different types of marijuana that are available for purchase at the dispensary. There are shops and farms all over the valley. The farms in the valley have to pass rigorous tests in order to qualify to be a dispensary farmer. These farms have to follow strict laws and guidelines. If they are caught breaking the rules, then they can face strict fines and penalties and a possible loss of your commercial farming license. I read a story a couple of months ago about a farmer close by that was busted with 20,000 pounds of illegal marijuana. The guy was growing marijuana for the dispensary, but he was producing twice as much as the legal limit allowed. Someone tipped off the local police and they raided the building. They found the extra marijuana products along with 40,000 packages of edibles. The story was in the paper for 3 days and everyone was talking about it. It’s crazy to think the farmer would risk everything to produce illegal cannabis products. There’s plenty of money to make on the legal sale of marijuana products when you live in a state with commercial farming and the legal weed industry.

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