He owns a marijuana dispensary now

After my father retired last year, I thought that she would rest around, watch television, & maybe do some golfing & fishing now & then.

However, that man always has something up his sleeve.

My dad decided that he wanted to open up a marijuana dispensary instead. My father did a ton of research on cannabis, cannabis oil, indica, marijuana products, & THC content. My father studied really hard to pass all of the tests to get his certifications to be a qualified, state of the art marijuana dispensary here in our town. My dad is the only one for miles around, and actually, he is the only one anywhere close by on this entire side of the state. My dad has been busier while running his new marijuana dispensary than he ever was back before he retired. When I asked him why he wanted to stay so busy at the marijuana store all the time, he told me that he felt fulfilled while introducing the shoppers to medical marijuana & recreational marijuana than he did at the previous job. I have to say, even though opening a marijuana dispensary would never have crossed my brain as something for him to do, I am glad he did it. Who knows, maybe once he retires from this job, I will take over the new family business & start running the marijuana dispensary for him! Of course, I will have to learn a whole lot about cannabis & THC & all of the marijuana products at the store.


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