Not a smoker

I have never been a smoker. Never once in my entire life have I ever inhaled a cigarette, a cigar, a vape pen, or a joint. But, I’ve recently realized that I need to start using medical marijuana due to my chronic anxiety & insomnia. Medical marijuana works way better than any prescription medication would. Plus, there are no horrible side effects that I might get from prescription medication. Best of all, in my opinion, medical marijuana is not in the least bit addictive. I hate the thoughts of being hooked on anything, including any sort of alcohol or drugs. That’s why I was super cheerful when my doctor suggested that I try medical marijuana for my anxiety & insomnia concerns instead of trying to write a script for some powerful, mind altering pill. I never smoked pot or used any sort of weed or cannabis when I was in private school or college, & so the thought of using medical marijuana legally was a whole new idea for me. I was truly glad when I found out that I wouldn’t have to smoke pot in order to get the desired effects from it for our health issues. These afternoons, marijuana comes in many types & I have been able to try marijuana oil pens, marijuana edibles, & many other types of marijuana items. It helps with being anxious and stressed out. I am not addicted to it at all. I’m glad that I found out how well it works & that I had the courage to try it out!

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