The marijuana business had so many things to try

The local mariuana business here in town has some truly neat items for sale inside.

When I first went in the store to search around, I noticed a whole shelf of items called OG Kush, Blue Dream, & Girl Scout cookies.

Of course, they weren’t your normal type of Girl Scout cookies that you would buy from little kids outside of the grocery store! I wasn’t really expecting that sort of thing when I walked into the local marijuana dispensary. I know I had some kind of notions about what I was going to find on the shelves inside. I had thought about bongs & pipes & jars full of marijuana. I thought that maybe they would have some different styles of marijuana oil pens, since those are becoming pretty famous around here, but I never even dreamed that they would have so many unusual kinds of marijuana products on the shelves. Really, I truly didn’t even know that these kinds of products existed. It was interesting to head in & peak around to see all of the different styles of recreational marijuana that they had on sale to pick up. I took a shopping cart & basically filled the whole thing up before I had gone down a few aisles of the store. The budtenders in the local marijuana corporation were entirely nice & helpful. I learned a whole lot while I was there! I’m already looking forward to our next stop at the marijuana business! I found so many different things that I wanted to try, and now I can’t wait to try more.



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