One of these days I might try cannabis

I was raised in a fairly strict religious residence, but it wasn’t like any other residence, I guarantee you! Both of my parents were very strict about our rules, however not so big on discipline. Punishments were met with chores, not hitting, plus other people were viewed with compassion, no judgment. We were essentially expected to follow all the rules of the religion, however to never judge people who chose not follow the rules. Drugs, drinking, tattoos, all kinds of crazy stuff were absolutely forbidden to us however the people I was with and I still never judged others no matter what. That sort of explains how I ended up managing a cannabis dispensary, despite never having tried the stuff before. When I first got the job the state only authorized medicinal use of cannabis, so the dispensary dealt exclusively with medical prescriptions. The laws have really opened up though, plus recreational cannabis use is legal for pretty much anyone who has a “cannabis card.” So I have never felt any legal or moral ambiguity about my work position at the marijuana dispensary, it was not really different from any other pharmacy as far as I could see. I still never used cannabis in any form, just because I never really wanted to. Was I tempted? Sure, being around marijuana, plus its users, definitely made me curious to see what the effects really were. Eventually I might sample a few odd kinds of cannabis plus CBD, to finally see what it is really like, however for the moment now I’m still not comfortable with the idea.



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