You should only go for quality cannabis

People regularly do stupid stuff, for the sake of doing stupid stuff. I was going to say that “teenagers do stupid stuff” but then I easily recall that none of my buddies are teens any more, they just act like they still are! As I have gotten older I like to think I have matured, settled down, become a better person, but my seasoned crew are still stuck in the past for the most part. Every weekend they are shotgunning beers plus enjoying shots, while I prefer to sip on a lovely glass of wine. I like to appreciate things, to take my time with them, so doing stuff like a marijuana smoking contest seems easily deranged to me… Back in the day, sure every one of us would roll some massive fat blunts to see who could smoke them the fastest, but every one of us were dumb plus smoking the lowest grade of marijuana on the market. Teens don’t really know any better than to go for ditch weed to save a small amount of money, but adults show they know that wonderful marijuana is totally worth paying extra for. The strains of cannabis I smoke these days taste so good, like silky in my mouth, I would never ruin these strains by placing them in a blunt. I don’t stand in judgment of people, because this is America and you honestly should do what you like. If you are an adult you should only smoke high end cannabis. Just leave the ditch weed to the youngsters, because there are so many superb strains plus blends of cannabis on the market that there is no reason to go for the cheap stuff!

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