First time ordering cannabis

I come from a family who is heavily into cannabis products.

This was my normal growing up, and it still is now.

It wasn’t until I got older that I realized a lot of people have problems with legal cannabis products. Like my family, I always thought that weed products were perfectly fine and people were overreacting. In fact, it has been proven that marijuana has many benefits. Some of which are to help with losing weight, prevent diabetes, fighting cancer and helping with depression. That’s just a few off of the top of my head, there’s so many more benefits of smoking marijuana, but most people are so biased that they can’t see past their own bias and see the facts. I have actually lost friends due to them finding out I was an avid marijuana user. This didn’t stop me then, and it still doesn’t stop me now. I still remember the first time I ordered cannabis, I went to a legal cannabis store and browsed for awhile. My family wasn’t there, but they had recommendations for me to try. The legal weed dispensary had a lot of options, some of which I never heard of, like marijuana cookies or brownies. I wasn’t really interested in that stuff so I just bought regular legal weed products. When I first tried marijuana, I felt overly happy as well as a bit hungry. Being able to laugh at the smallest things and forget my problems was a great feeling. I now order weed products when I am feeling particularly moody, as it always manages to cheer me up.


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