Orange Kush is my go to

My body chemistry has always been different compared to my near relatives.

When I was a kid, my mom and dad were instructed to give me benadryl for my allergy issues.

Hoping that it would also fix my nerves, the benadryl instead affected me like coffee would. When they gave it to me again a year later, I had the same thing occur. I am the only person I think who gets this reaction to taking this pill, however it’s a famous over the counter sedative that makes almost all the people sleepy. When I had to take pills in middle school after I got sick, I was prescribed ciprofloxacin. Both of my folks and all of my siblings had taken it before to fantastic effects. I got sick after taking it once, and started feeling like I had really bad food poisoning until the medicine made it through my belly by the following morning. It can be difficult for me to follow advice from others when I decide whether or not I should take one pill versus another. I had similar troubles with weed. I got a medical card to visit the statewide dispensaries here in town. People kept telling me to go after certain strains, however I’d often have exhausting effects with ones that friends said were their number ones. Then I’d find something of my liking that none of my friends were impressed with. Finally I’ve found a strain that we can all agree is good. The classic Orange Kush is known for its phenomenal effects. It puts me on cloud 9 whenever I have it to put into my vaporizer. Whenever the dispensary has a new batch of Orange Kush available, I always get it.

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