Need help for my neck pain

It wasn’t easy getting through the first few weeks of a neck injury.

I was playing soccer and accidentally ran over the edge of a hill with a tall bank.

I flipped and smacked my body into the ground upon impact. It was painful and I could barely move after it went down. When the paramedics arrived, they were super careful to keep my neck stabilized to prevent a paralyzing neck injury. I was lucky to avoid that particular issue, although I was still in large pain with a drastic neck injury. I’d walk fine, however the pain was going to be a present factor in my life for months and years to come. When I was discussing my plans for the short and long term with my physician, I expressed my issues with taking prescription opiates for longer than a few weeks after the accident. I knew friends and coworkers who became addicted after going down that path. I was surprised when my normal practitioner told me that I should try cannabis for my neck pain. He said that some strains can relieve the pain I’m experiencing in similar ways to the opiate medications, but the addiction problems are not there. You can technically get a marijuana dependence, but it’s in a completely different league compared to opiates. As enthusiastic as I was to try weed, going to the dispensary the first time was stressful. I had to wait in line in the lobby before I could even get back to the room with the products and the budtenders. They showed me some much stuff. I ended up trying a little bit of everything.

Medical marijuana